Creating the Ideal Workspace for Your Home-Based Business

Whether you’re now operating your business out of your home because of COVID-19 or you’ve just left your 9-to-5 job to become an entrepreneur, you may need some extra support. While there are financial resources available to help your business navigate the COVID-19 crisis, you’ll also need a personal workspace at home to accomplish your professional goals. By designing an office for your home-based business, you’ll be able to achieve a deeper level of concentration and dedicate more time to growing your company. Here’s how to design your dream home office!

Buying a Bigger Home

If you simply don’t have enough space for business operations in your current home, it may be time to start looking for a new property. Begin by checking out home prices in your area – remember, you’ll specifically want to look at houses with plenty of space for an office, and perhaps additional room for storage. For example, homes in Hamilton sold for an average price of $110 per square foot. Think about how much room you really need, and start looking at what’s available.

Of course, if you’re house hunting, you’ll also want to link up with a qualified real estate agent to assist you with your search. Some agents will even help you with the relocation process. When it comes to selling your old home, you’d do well to contact Bridgelight Properties. When you work with Bridgelight Properties, you can receive a fair all-cash offer within 24 hours for your home and avoid paying extra fees.  

Building a New Space

If you’re short on interior space, but you happen to have a large backyard, there’s always the possibility of building a sleek shed to serve as your home office. With a custom design, you can go beyond the average garden shed and add important features, like neat storage cubbies, floating shelves for decor, or comfortable seating for in-person meetings with clients. Just don’t forget to explore your options for heating and cooling the shed. 

Furnish a Spare Room

Does your guest room generally go unused? Do members of your household rarely venture into your attic or basement? You may be able to repurpose a space like this for your home office. 

Your first step? Buying the right furniture! If you know that you’ll be working at your computer, handling paperwork, and hosting meetings in your office, Business Know-How recommends a sturdy L-shaped or U-shaped desk, which will allow you plenty of space for all of these tasks. You should also test out a few office chairs to find a model that provides plenty of back support!

Internet Connection

From dual monitors for productivity to smart speakers for convenience, you might be ready to invest in the latest workplace technology for your home office. But before you purchase any new technology, you’ll need to make sure your home is connected with reliable Internet service. There’s nothing worse than reaching out to an important client and realizing hours later that your email never went through! Since you’re designing a new workspace, you might be ready for a service upgrade. 

Organize Your Office

Finally, it’s time to focus on getting organized and keeping your office supplies tidy. Clutter can pull you away from your work, and you don’t want to get distracted! Hayneedle recommends grouping similar items together and storing your belongings by category – for example, you can keep your paperwork in one drawer, writing utensils in a cup, and paperclips, Post-It notes, and other miscellaneous objects in a small container. 

As an entrepreneur, you need a space where you can work without being interrupted. Having a home office with ample space for storage is crucial! When you’re running a home-based business, no asset is more valuable than your personal office. 

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